Workshop with Joris Lacoste

As a part of Folkteaterns vision to become the leading meeting place for international performing art artists, the french director Joris Lacoste is invited together with Elise Simonet, a member of Encyclopédie de la Parole, to hold a 7 day workshop in October 2017. Joris Lacoste and the stage art collective Encyclopédie de la Parole presented the piece Suite n° 2 at Folkteatern during Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival 2016. Their acclaimed shows build on a compilation of documented material which is performed in anintrospective direction. The workshop will circle around the unique working methods of Encyclopédie de la Paroles and focuses on the art of spoken word. The workshop is meant for actors.

The workshop will be held at Folkteatern in Gothenburg on the 20th-28th of October. A public presentation will be shown on the 28th of October. The workshop is free of charge, and unpaid. The choice is based on CV and a personal letter in English. Send your application to latest on the 1th of October.

Last year during Gothenburg dance- and theater festival the stage art collective  Encyclopédie de la Parole and the French director Joris Lacoste had a tremendous success with their production of  Suite n° 2 at Folkteatern. Encyclopédie de la Parole have developed their way of creating a uniquely composed body of work, incorporating both dialogue and written words. It can be a phrase from advertising, everyday conversation, a dialog from a tv-series, a sermon, a job interview, a security instruction from the airport or a indecent proposal. The interpretations are played or performed in a variety of languages, often toned, to the great delight of the audience.

In connection with the successor Suite n° 3, and the Nordic premier at Stora Teatern 18th of October, Joris will return to Folkteatern to lead a workshop where participants get to know the Encyclopédie de la Paroles exclusive working method. The workshop is meant for actors.

A collaboration between Folkteatern, Encyclopédie de la Parole, Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival and Kulturakademin Trappan.

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Suite n° 2 at Folkteatern/Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival 2016 

Suite n° 3 at Stora Teatern/Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival 2017


Joris Lacoste describes the workshop:

Encyclopédie de la Parole’s main activity is to collect recordings of «speakings» of any sort: the poetry of Marinetti or Allen Ginsberg, a sport commentary, a lecture by Jacques Lacan, an excerpt from South Park, the flow of Eminem and Lil Wayne, a message left on an answering machine, a TV game show, an Adventist sermon, an excerpt from The Young and the Restless, a speech by Léon Blum or Bill Clinton, an auctioneer selling horses, a shamanic incantation, a lawyer’s closing arguments, a commercial for shampoo and casual conversations recorded in the local café …

Then Encyclopédie de la Parole will catalog the recordings on their website according to the recordings’ particular properties or phenomena, such as cadence, chorality, emphasis, saturation or melody. From this collection, which now includes about 800 sound documents, Encyclopédie de la Parole produces sound pieces, performance and shows, talks, games and exhibitions.

During this workshop, Encyclopédie de la parole proposes to share its research, practice and tools in the field of orality, archive, and performance. This workshop is an invitation to enter the processes that are at the core of the Encyclopédie’s work: collecting, indexing and re-enacting speech recordings.

The research, analysis and classification of speech is the primary practice of Encyclopédie de la Parole, and fuels every creation process. They will share their research methodologies in order to collect new audio documents in Swedish with the participants. This will lead to a reflection about the singularities of the Swedish language in terms of form, accents, idiosyncrasies and cultural, social or geographical contexts. On a more performative mode, the participants will experiment in vocally appropriating some documents of the collection, such as the actors do in Suite n°1, 2 & 3.

This workshop is meant for actors. Participants are kindly asked to bring their laptops.



Folkteatern Göteborg intends to develop a platform for international artistic partnerships with the purpose of becoming a forum, well fixed in Gothenburg and Västra Götaland, where international and local artists can meet and create works of performing arts. Folkteatern is aiming to become the leading theater in Sweden to be a meeting place for artistry from around the world. Artists will be given the opportunity to elaborate their own work as well as explore possibilities for new collaborations, and eventually perhaps a new artistry may emerge.

Art provides more art.

Folkteatern will annually coordinate a workshop with local and international artists. The content of these workshops may differ from year to year, and stretch over the entire spectrum of stage art. Folkteatern wants to engage exciting international artists who are eager to share their art as well as inspire others. 

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